Poached eggs! A classic! However, they have proved difficult for me in the past to get them right. At one point, I gave up making them at home altogether, and enjoyed them in hotels and cafes.

Since lockdown has prohibited those avenues for enjoying poached eggs. I thought I might share my system. It has taken approximately 3 years to develop – many you tube videos have been watched and gadgets purchased.

I hope you find this method as successful as I have, I tested it on my lifey, who made beautiful poached eggs first time.


For this you will need a microwave (preferably digital) and a large tea cup.

1. Half fill a large tea cup with boiling water.

2. Crack an egg into a ramekin. Poor into boiling water.

3. Pop in “microwavey” (thanks Nigella! ♥️) for between 45-60 seconds depending on how runny you want the yolk. Cooking time will also depend on size of egg.

4. Once egg cooked to preference. Remove egg from tea cup with slotted spoon. Voila!

The tea cup is a good cooking option because the handle makes it easy to remove from “microwavey” and it encourages the egg into a nice roundish shape.

I hope you have as much success with this method as I have. I wish you all a future of many delightful poached eggs. 🥚