This recipe is based on the Hong Kong cafe favourite Gong Zi Mein. While it is common practise in Asia to break fast with noodles, rice and sometimes curry it is often frowned upon by indigenous Britain’s with an “Eh!”. My lifey being one of them. I myself an indigenous Brit, have travelled to Asia, and was delighted with their breakfasts. I like variation.

Click on the link below for the real recipe and background.

And here’s my nod to Gong Zi Mein.


Pack of instant noodles (I usually go with chicken)

1 egg beaten

1 tsp of chilli oil

1 chopped spring onion

1 small hot dog

Wee drip of sesame oil

A dusting of sesame seeds


Cook the noodles as directed. Half way through the cooking time, add rest of ingredients, and that my dears is a wrap. Add some dim sum on the side if you want a little extra.