This is not a recipe, but a post of adoration and homage to the seasonal strawberry.

I’m not a huge fruit fan, generally, but even I can not deny the supremacy of the humble strawberry in season.

I like mine sliced, in a bowl, with a sprinkle of sugar (about 1/4 tsp). Mix the berries and sugar together, so the juices create a syrup. Beautiful! So simple.

A small bowl of strawberries with a sprinkling of sugar comes in at about 65 calories.

The strawberries are high in vitamin C, manganese and also contain folate (vitamin B9) and potassium.

Strawberries are rich in antioxidants and plant compounds, which may have benefits for heart health and blood sugar control (balances out that wee sprinkle of evil sugar).

I hope y’all can enjoy some delicious strawberries this summer.